Play Piano… Here’s an Example of Intuition, Emotion and Habit to MAKE Music!


Play Piano – Here Are Your Basic Tools to Play Piano, Write Songs and Improvise!

Your Basic Tools to Learn to Play Piano!

Five factors are chiefly responsible for the outcome of your improvisations:

  1. intuition
  2. intellect
  3. emotion
  4. sense of pitch
  5. habit

Your intuition is responsible for the bulk of your originality; your emotion determines the mood; your intellect helps you to plan the technical problems and, with intuition, to develop the melodic form; your sense of pitch transforms “heard” or “imagined” pitches into letter names and fingerings; your playing habits enable your fingers to quickly find certain established pitch patterns.

Four of these elements of your thinking – intuition, emotion, sense of pitch, and habit – are largely subconscious.

Consequently, any control over your improvisation must originate in the intellect.

While the intellect is limited in its capacity for control over intuition and emotion, it can be responsible for the training of the ear and for establishing a variety of helpful finger patterns, in addition to its function of solving technical problems.

It would be difficult to place these five factors into proportionate values.

Some improvisors rely more heavily on certain factors; others will depend on other factors.  A few gifted players are able to perform adequately by relying completely on the subconscious elements.

All but the rare genius, however, are eventually limited in their development.  They need special study, due to the problems of deeply ingrained habits, the unaccustomed rigors of working up to every potential, and in some instances, an inability to admit or evaluate shortcomings.

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Play Piano – How to “Swing” Any Style of Music on the Piano! from Ron Worthy on Vimeo.

Play Piano – How to Apply Chord Progressions to Compose Songs!

How to Apply Chord Progressions to Compose Songs from Ron Worthy on Vimeo.

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